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Color Options

Customize your jewelry with various color options.

Adjustable Rings

Adjustable and Sized rings are available for most pieces. Both have their advantages but it's good to know a few things about the adjustable back rings before purchasing.

Adjustable Ring Backing

Adjustable Sizing Limitations

Adjustable Rings comfortably fit sizes 4-8. Sized outside that range are still possible but may not bring the perfect fit.

Adjustable Ring Back

Great for Gifting

Ring sized can fluctuate regularly based on many factors. Adjustable back rings are a great option if you aren't completely sure of a ring size. 

Wearing Adjustable Ring


925 Sterling Silver. Repeated changing of sizing can mishappen the ring over time. The metal holds up to everyday use but shaping as little as possible is best.

Stacking Rings and Sets

Popular stacking options are available to buy as ring sets. Many of my rings will stack, giving many options to find  your perfect style.

Lotus + Straight Stack

Stack In the Name

If you are browsing the shop and notice the word "stack" you're on the right track.

Hazel Stack Set + Birthstone

Save Money with the Bundle

My most popular stacking sets are available and are priced as a bundle deal.


Share your stack set with the Group

There are a ton of ways to match up rings. Share yours with the group!

Stackable Rings

How to Find Your Ring Size

Commemorating your journey can bring so much happiness, which is why it's important to get the details right. Getting an accurate ring size is pretty easy and here are a few resources I've found helpful.

Jewelers Near You

Go to a local jeweler and get sized for free.

Big Box Services

Size at Home 

Most big box retailers that sell jewelry are easily able to size you quickly.

This kit on amazon is helpful.

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