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  • How much will it cost to ship my inclusion?
    Shipping rates will vary based on the carrier you choose and your location. My studio is based in Nebraska. Padded envelopes are often available at more shipping centers and the 4x8" padded mailer envelopes tend to be a cheaper option.
  • If I send ashes, what will become of any unused remains?
    I will send any unused ashes back to you with your order. I only need about 1/4 tsp of ashes to complete an order. Sending a conservative amount is understandable as you look to preserve the memory of a loved one.
  • What will happen with my remaining preserved breast milk?
    You will have multiple options regarding any leftover milk powder: 1. I will store your milk powder on file for any future orders you may want to place. This can save you money from the initial shipping of inclusions. When purchasing any of my pieces, you will be asked if you already have milk powder stored with us and if you would like to store any inclusions you are sending with your current order. 2. I am happy to send back the preserved milk with your order! If this is an option you wish to pursue, please be sure to include this in the order notes. 3. If you wish, we can discard any leftover inclusions after your order is complete. Please indicate this choice in the order notes.
  • How much milk should I send and how many pieces of jewelry can be made with one shipment of milk?
    I ask for 1 ounce of milk, triple bagged, to be sent once an order is placed. Milk bags work best for shipping and help to prevent any leaking. After that 1 ounce of milk is sent, up to 8 pieces of jewelry can be made. I always encourage everyone to store their milk on file with me for future orders.
  • How long will my preserved milk be stored on file?
    If you choose to store your milk on file with me, I will keep it for 2 years. If you request, I will keep it on file for longer. This can be a great way to save money on shipping throughout the ordering process.
  • Can I ship old or spoiled breast milk?
    Both of these options will be perfectly acceptable for inclusion into your jewelry. Your milk will be preserved into a powder form and does not need to be edible for these purposes. Additionally, sending breastmilk on ice is not necessary. Sending frozen is a good option, just be sure to triple bag it in case there are any leaks.
  • What type of inclusions can I send?
    Our inclusion method allows you to capture meaningful milestones. Breast Feeding Journey. Breastmilk or formula may be preserved. A new life begins. Placenta, Umbilical Cord or Hair can be incorporated into your jewelry. The passing of a loved one. This includes human and animal cremation remains. Moving into a new chapter of life. Preservation of organic materials such as dried flowers.
  • How should I care for my jewelry once I receive it?
    Avoid prolonged direct sunlight, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Always remove before going into a sauna or before tanning. Remove your jewelry before you bathe, swim, wash hands, apply sanitizer lotion or oil. ​ The build up of residue and chemicals can dull the sheen of the breast milk stone. Do not use anything abrasive or scrub your jewelry with anything rough. If exposed to abrasive materials, the gold finish may wear down and metals in your jewelry can tarnish over time. ​ Store your jewelry in the box provided and store in a cool and dark place. To clean your jewelry, use a mild soap, cold water and polish with a dry cotton cloth.
  • How long before I receive my order?
    My current turn around time is 6-8 weeks. I won't leave you hanging! Updates will be sent all throughout the process. I like to text everyone at three separate stages. I'll will reach out to let you know I received your inclusion, and again once your inclusion has been processed. Pictures of your preserved inclusion will be sent during this time. Finally, I will send pictures of your finished jewelry right before it's shipped. Tracking information will be sent your way once your order is sent out.
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