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How It Works

What to expect, from start to finish

At Milk Made Moments, I turn your breast milk into unique, personalized jewelry that is as special as your bond with your child. My process is simple - just choose your jewelry, send me your inclusion, and I'll handle the rest. Learn more about how it all works below.

Choose Your Jewelry

Browse my collection and choose any of the rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants that fit your style. 

Choose Your Stone Color

To add to the customization of your piece, you can choose from my collection of pigments that will be mixed with your inclusion. For a more natural look, choose Natural (no pigment). 

Additional Inclusions

Each piece already has one inclusion priced in. Add multiple inclusions to any piece by adding customizations to your cart

Place Your Order and Send Inclusions

Once an order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation and shipping instructions. If you don't see both emails, double check your spam/junk folders. Follow instructions and choose a courier. Once I receive your package, I'll text you to confirm!

Milk Preservation

Shortly after I receive your milk, I will preserve it into a powder that can be added to your jewelry. You will receive pictures of this process after the preservation has started. If you choose to store your preserved milk with me I will keep on file for future purchases.

The Finished Product

A final round of pictures will be sent showing my process and your finished jewelry. Tracking for your shipment will be sent and your keepsake will be delivered to you!

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