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Shipping Instructions

Place your order, then you will receive confirmation and shipping instructions. Follow instructions and choose a mail provider. If you don't see the emails, double check your spam & junk folder.

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Shipping Milk

  • I only need 1 ounce of milk sent. I do need at least 10 ml of milk.

  • Frozen, thawed, spoiled or old milk is all good to send!

  • Milk bags work the best, ziplocks should be avoided if at all possible. If you send in all ziplock bags or non milk bags your milk may leak during shipping.

  • Include your name on the milk bag or on a note inside the package. *Important to match the             name sent with your inclusion to the name used when placing your order.    

  • A padded mailer works great or a box is also fine!

Shipping Alternative Inclusions

  • Formula - 1/4th tsp needed per piece.

  • Ashes - 1/4th tsp needed per piece.

  • Hair - Best to send in paper envelope.

       This helps to avoid static but a plastic bag will work.

  • Umbilical Cord & Placenta - Needs to be preserved before sending.

  • A padded mailer works great but a box is also fine!

  • For all other inclusions, please contact me for instructions.

Keeping Inclusions on File

  • If you selected to have your inclusion stored for future orders, know that this is done at no            additional cost. I will store the milk for 2 years unless you ask for it to be stored longer.

  • If you selected no to storing your inclusion and wish to change this feel free to message me        on Facebook or text me!

Updates and Contact Info

I will text you pictures and updates throughout the entire process, including when your inclusions arrive. If you have any questions, please text 402.480.4640 or message me on Facebook!

My current turn around time is 6-8 weeks.

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