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Explore Color Options

These options will be available as you purchase. All options are available for any type of jewelry you choose. Multiple colors can be selected for an individual piece. One color is included per piece, additional colors are $5 each

Natural Stone Color


White Stone Color


Silky Stone Color


White Sparkle Stone Color

White Sparkle

Silver Sparkle Stone Color

Silver Sparkle

Blue Sparkle Stone Color

Blue Sparkle

Opal Stone Color


Gold Sparkle Stone Color

Gold Sparkle

Pink Cosmo Stone Color

Pink Cosmo

Greystone Milk Color


Breastfeeding Mother, Breastmilk Jewerly, Breastmilk Ring

Browse Birthstone Selection

All birthstone ring options will have these stones available. For customizable birthstone rings, multiple stone selections are possible.

January  l  Garnet Birthstone
February  l  Amethyst Birthstone

January  l  Garnet

February  l  Amethyst

March  l  Aquamarine Birthstone

March  l  Aquamarine

May  l  Emerald Birthstone

May  l  Emerald

April  l  Diamond Birthstone

April  l  Diamond

June  l  Moonstone Birthstone

June  l  Moonstone

July  l  Ruby Birthstone

July  l  Ruby

September  l  Sapphire Birthstone

September  l  Sapphire

November  l  Citrine Birthstone

November  l  Citrine

August  l  Peridot Birthstone

August  l  Peridot

October  l  Rose Quartz Birthstone

October  l  Rose Quartz

December  l  Tanzanite Birthstone

December  l  Tanzanite


Add Colored Flakes 

Add any of my colored flake options to customize your jewelry. While my birthstone options can be set within certain pieces, these flakes can be added at any piece in my collection.

Light Pink
Light Purple
Dark Purple
Yellow Gold
Dark Blue
Rose Gold
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